National Park Project

This is our travel journal.  It is our account of our trek through and to the United States National Park System.  Like many Americans, we have fallen in love with this grandiose collection of America's most beautiful places.  And we're never disappointed.  We should all recognize how lucky we are to have such an amazing opportunity and resource set aside for us...and we plan to take full advantage.

Warning: The information collected here from our journeys can certainly be used as a guide, if you wish.  However, there are some caveats.
1. We like Hiltons.  If we're not camping, it's likely that we're staying in a Hilton property.  There are rare occasions that we try something local, but, again, RARE.
2. We're cheap.  We cut corners as much as we can, so don't expect too much excess. :)
3. Limited means. This kind of ties in with #2.  We do our best to spend quality time in each of the parks according to it's size, qualities, and our own interest.  But, we do have limited time.  So, keep in mind, this is by no means an 'all you ever wanted to know about the NPs' type of thing.  I do wish it was, but...
4. Credit. You're welcome to use any of the information or photos on this blog.  But, PLEASE cite correctly to the source!  Thanks!!

Goal: Visit all the National Parks.  Some will surely be visited more than once.  Some only briefly.  Some we likely won't get to at all. :(  The only rule is, M and A both have to visit the park together.  (This is slightly inconvenient considering A has been to several parks without M, and M has been to other parks without A.  Very inconvenient thing, you see). Oh, and we plan on having fun, too.

Time Limit: As our life allows.  This will likely be a lifetime conquest.  We have gotten off to a decent start, but it will undoubtedly be a long journey.  Living on the East Coasts presents a bit of a challenge considering the vast majority of the parks are west of the Mississippi, but we're up for it!

Now, onto the good stuff!


Denali and Kenai Fjords

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