Saturday, November 30, 2013

i'm still here!

It has been an amazing journey the past seven months. Since last time I posted LOTS has happened. Here's a quick rewind...

- no more morning sickness
- felt our little one move
- learned we were expecting a girl! (never would have guessed)

- took my first trip out of the country - to ICELAND! (pics to come)

- prepped the baby's room...and slept. a LOT!

- lots more sleeping and a sweet baby shower

- contractions on my birthday
- the arrival of our little princess 

Amidst all the excitement, not much sewing has happened.  I did make a crib skirt for C's crib which was much easier than expected.  I just measured, cut and hemmed.  The fabric is Zig Zag in Mist from Carousel Designs.

Our house has also turned into quite a disaster since the hubs decided his paternity leave would be a great time to start some home renovations....

...they have been going on now for three months!  Dad nesting period, maybe?  Who knows.  Unfortunately, the house disaster has temporarily displaced my sewing machine from my work space and I am determined to get it back before fall starts.  I am itching to start a project!