Thursday, December 20, 2012

holiday sewing mojo

I don't know if its the holidays, or if I am actually getting back my sewing mojo, but I have been on a roll lately. Yesterday, I finished an Innotab case for my niece using a tutorial from the pink stitches blog. Loved the tutorial, but I didn't realize until I had finished the project that the Innotab is about an inch bigger all around than the LeapPad. Oh, well - I improvised, and it works! Not perfect, but at least I know this if I ever have to make another one!

H loves Hello Kitty, so I had to use some of the left over Hello Kitty fabric I had from the quilt I made her.

I also finished stockings for my nieces and mom and dad. I used this tutorial, from the vanilla joy blog, only I left out the interfacing/batting and used fleece for the lining and cuff.

Sorry for the poor quality - I was too lazy to get out the real camera!

And, I have made some major headway on the Steelers quilt. Pictures to come. Luckily for me and the quilt, we are postponing Christmas celebration with my brother-in-law until we can see them in January...which means more time to finish!

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