Thursday, December 20, 2012

holiday sewing mojo

I don't know if its the holidays, or if I am actually getting back my sewing mojo, but I have been on a roll lately. Yesterday, I finished an Innotab case for my niece using a tutorial from the pink stitches blog. Loved the tutorial, but I didn't realize until I had finished the project that the Innotab is about an inch bigger all around than the LeapPad. Oh, well - I improvised, and it works! Not perfect, but at least I know this if I ever have to make another one!

H loves Hello Kitty, so I had to use some of the left over Hello Kitty fabric I had from the quilt I made her.

I also finished stockings for my nieces and mom and dad. I used this tutorial, from the vanilla joy blog, only I left out the interfacing/batting and used fleece for the lining and cuff.

Sorry for the poor quality - I was too lazy to get out the real camera!

And, I have made some major headway on the Steelers quilt. Pictures to come. Luckily for me and the quilt, we are postponing Christmas celebration with my brother-in-law until we can see them in January...which means more time to finish!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

baby on board!

Pretty much zero quilting or sewing going on around the hinkenhook household lately. We do, however, have some pretty big news.

Yep. A baby!

That has put an even bigger pause in the crafting lately since I've been feeling like royal crap. So, in an effort to gain back some craftiness, the hubs and I made these little baby name decision chalkboards.

We're pretty split on picking baby names, so we decided to put up these boards, and as we get company, we will have them vote on their favorites. I'm not sure how seriously we'll take the end results, but it'll be fun anyway :)

Here's to new adventures! This is certainly going to be a big one!!