Wednesday, May 16, 2012

finished quilt top!

Don't ask me who I made this for - I have no idea. I just got the itch to try a design that has been floating around in my head with all the other junk. I am pretty pleased with it and VERY happy that my measurements came out right. There were some 1 7/8" cuts in there...I was worried about that!

Some of the bias cuts (in conjunction with my impatience) made the seams not line up perfectly (yucky bias seams, blah!). So I will have to fix that. I think I will use it to enter kelybysews giveaway contest! Riley Blake Scoot is not my favorite fabric, but it's certainly in the top 10! Definitely an adorable line worth hoarding for a little boy's project!


  1. What a great design - reminds me of the hot wheels track my sons made when they were little. Hours of fun