Tuesday, May 22, 2012

am I too late??!!

I've been trying to decide whether or not to enter a quilt into Amy's Bloggers' Quilt Festival. All the entries are so amazing - I am not sure I can compete, but it looks fun, so what the heck, right? So, I am entering my Second (Halloween) Wedding Anniversary Quilt!!

quilt front

My husband and I got married on Halloween (the whole reason I got into this blogger world!) and we had a blast at the wedding. (We still are having a blast, by the way :)). So, for our second wedding anniversary, I made him this quilt.

quilt back

my favorite block

I let him pick the fabrics (Jason Yenter Hallographix) and he purchased a quilting class (my first) from Capital Quilts so that I could learn more about my favorite hobby. The class was a 'Basics of Quilting' type class and convered everything from color choice, to rotary cutting, to basting and binding. I learned A LOT during this class and while making this quilt! Most importantly, the quilt has become a treasured item in our house and has spent many nights on the couch with me, my hubby, our pup, and a bowl of popcorn :).

personalized block

Hope you enjoy!!


  1. I think you have it all wrong. I think the back is the front, LOL! Very, very cool. Love the block layout on the *other* front! Glad you entered!

  2. No, you aren't too late to enter this really fun quilt! Love the front and the back...two quilts in one!

  3. i love the back too! that's so fabulous!