Wednesday, April 25, 2012

revisiting the quillow project

I posted about my neices 4th birthday present, a hellow kitty quillow a while back, but I didn't post about what happened after I washed it. (Ahem, I didn't take any pictures of the post wash disaster. I was too ashamed).

It frayed. :(

I used the tutorial from a cuppa and a catch-up. The tutorial even mentions using generous seam allowances, especially for the 'pillow' part. I followed these instructions and made sure to have a generous seam allowance. But, alas, there was much fray. So I topstiched (a LOT), and hand sewed. Which was fine, but I would really like to know WHAT HAPPENED?! I have had little teensy frays before, but never one on this scale! I just can't imagine what I did wrong. I have resolved to blame it on the Hello Kitty fabric, although I have a feeling that can't be the issue. Has anyone ever run into this type of problem? Any advice or experience would be much appreciated!!

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