Monday, April 2, 2012

eeny, meeny, miny...

And there’s no MOE in sight, folks.

As decision makers go, I am one of the worst. Let me tell you, I am lucky I have a patient husband! He stands in store aisles with me for more than any man should have to when I’m on one of my non-decision-making binges. And restaurant menus…oi. The man deserves a medal.

I have been mulling over what to do with my not-so-recently acquired fat quarter bundle of Reunion by Sweetwater (I could swoon over at Sweetwater all day long). This is the one quilt I wanted to make for myself this year. I literally have FOUR solid pages of notes, drawings, ideas, comments, opinions…you get the idea. And I still haven’t decided.

The problem is, I LOVE this line. Probably my favorite fabric line out there right now. And I am terrified. Scared silly that I will pick some stupid pattern that doesn’t go with the fabric collection, and cut all the fabrics, and put it together and it will completely suck.

A bit dramatic, I know.

Anybody else go through this madness with a fave fabric line? Silly, isn’t it? How do you make your decision?

I guess I just have to bite the bullet and go for it. I’ve at least narrowed it down to a handful of choices…

1. A tumbler quilt with raw edges – similar to this one from Riley Blake.
2. Corner dresdens – like this from nanaCompany (love this, but I don’t think the fabrics are right)
3. A chevron with a gray background
4. Or a scrappy quilt with a ‘crazy quilt’ type twist to it. This one has been forming in my head most recently.

Any input would be appreciated. Although, I probably still won’t make a decision until mid-July or so…
of next year.



  1. I made a scrap quilt a while back that might work for your purposes. It consisted of square blocks, each made of three strips of fabric: Two of the same pattern with a different pattern sandwiched in between. Half of the squares used the same middle fabric (I just used a plain red) and half used random scraps. The squares were alternated in both color and orientation: A random-fabric middle with the strips going vertically, then a red-fabric middle with the strips going horizontally, then another random-fabric middle with the strips going vertically. Finally, the rows of sewn-together blocks were arranged on a diagonal. (This pattern is hard to describe effectively, but it really is easier than it sounds.) I liked it because it used up a lot of scrap fabric but the result was more structured-looking than a regular scrap quilt.

  2. ohh, that sounds pretty. do you have a pic anywhere?

  3. You're on you're own sister! I can take years to decide on a quilt pattern/ fabric/ quilting design and then change my mind as soon as I have. Sigh.