Wednesday, April 25, 2012

revisiting the quillow project

I posted about my neices 4th birthday present, a hellow kitty quillow a while back, but I didn't post about what happened after I washed it. (Ahem, I didn't take any pictures of the post wash disaster. I was too ashamed).

It frayed. :(

I used the tutorial from a cuppa and a catch-up. The tutorial even mentions using generous seam allowances, especially for the 'pillow' part. I followed these instructions and made sure to have a generous seam allowance. But, alas, there was much fray. So I topstiched (a LOT), and hand sewed. Which was fine, but I would really like to know WHAT HAPPENED?! I have had little teensy frays before, but never one on this scale! I just can't imagine what I did wrong. I have resolved to blame it on the Hello Kitty fabric, although I have a feeling that can't be the issue. Has anyone ever run into this type of problem? Any advice or experience would be much appreciated!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

seuss advice

I've long been an admirer of Dr. Seuss's life advice. You know - 'sometimes the answer is complicated and the question is simple'...things like that? That combined with my love of fabric led me to this...

I plan on adding some hand embroidery along with more machine embroidery to add more quotes and make it into a twin size quilt. For my kids...when I have them...

No, I'm not crazy, thank you, I'm just planning ahead ;).

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I finally did it. I finally cut into my Sweetwater Reunion stack.

IMG_6165 by hinkenhook
IMG_6165, a photo by hinkenhook on Flickr.

Once I did...I couldn't stop...

I finished this quilt in a weekend. Most importantly...I ABSOLUTLELY LOVE IT!!!

These fabrics are so SOFT (not to my credit, mind you), and the pattern is just simple and perfect for me. I am so smitten I could squeal. A perfect first quilt made for me!! Yay!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

a match made in...almost heaven...

I love West Virginia. I love the University, the mountains, the people (nicest on the planet, I tell ya!), the seclusion – I just love it. It’s where my heart lies and where my feet would guide me if I let them. Down those country roads...

So, tickle me pink - I found a Modern Quilt Guild in West Virginia! I am so excited! They're also on Facebook here and Flickr here. I can't wait to get started!

Monday, April 2, 2012

eeny, meeny, miny...

And there’s no MOE in sight, folks.

As decision makers go, I am one of the worst. Let me tell you, I am lucky I have a patient husband! He stands in store aisles with me for more than any man should have to when I’m on one of my non-decision-making binges. And restaurant menus…oi. The man deserves a medal.

I have been mulling over what to do with my not-so-recently acquired fat quarter bundle of Reunion by Sweetwater (I could swoon over at Sweetwater all day long). This is the one quilt I wanted to make for myself this year. I literally have FOUR solid pages of notes, drawings, ideas, comments, opinions…you get the idea. And I still haven’t decided.

The problem is, I LOVE this line. Probably my favorite fabric line out there right now. And I am terrified. Scared silly that I will pick some stupid pattern that doesn’t go with the fabric collection, and cut all the fabrics, and put it together and it will completely suck.

A bit dramatic, I know.

Anybody else go through this madness with a fave fabric line? Silly, isn’t it? How do you make your decision?

I guess I just have to bite the bullet and go for it. I’ve at least narrowed it down to a handful of choices…

1. A tumbler quilt with raw edges – similar to this one from Riley Blake.
2. Corner dresdens – like this from nanaCompany (love this, but I don’t think the fabrics are right)
3. A chevron with a gray background
4. Or a scrappy quilt with a ‘crazy quilt’ type twist to it. This one has been forming in my head most recently.

Any input would be appreciated. Although, I probably still won’t make a decision until mid-July or so…
of next year.