Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a squared + b squared...

One of the things I LOVE about quilting...

the math.

Yep. I said it. Getting out a calculator, finding the right equation, and calculating measurements for fabric sends my little nerdy brain to a happy place. So when I set out to make a quilt for my neice's fourth birthday, I was excited when (after lots of planning and asking hubs his opinion), I decided on this design for a Hello Kitty quilt to go with Haidyn's Hello Kitty bag. AND, I got to use the Pythagorean Theorem (yay!).

Aren't hubbies great for holding quilts up for pictures!? :)

I also decided to try and make this a quillow using this tutorial from a cuppa and a catchup (GREAT tutorial by the way). Since I was using a panel for the front instead of blocks, it made it a little more difficult to follow the directions, but it folds up just fine! I put the pillow pocket in the back of the quilt instead of the front.

This was my first time working with minky fabric (quilt backing), and I learned a few things. First, I wish I would have spray basted. The backing fabric was definitely slipping a little as I was sewing and the basting pins just didn't hold it together. Luckily the quilting is sparse so there isn't to much pinching. I was savvy enough to use a walking foot anytime I was sewing on the minky, and that helped a little, but I did get some stretching on the backing.

Overall, a very quick and simple project that I really enjoyed. I will definitely be making another quillow!! Now let's hope Haidyn likes it!

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