Thursday, March 22, 2012

hitting a steel curtain...

I have been planning a Steelers Quilt for quite some time now (it is even on my finish-it-in-2012 list). I picked a sad week to do so, as my all time favorite Steeler Hines Ward announced his retirement in a very tear-envoking press conference on Tuesday. Better to see him retire in Black & Gold than play for another team, but I do wish he could have done so on his own terms. I will definitely miss his ever present smile!

Enough of that now…there’s no crying in quilting! Yeah, I think that’s how that goes…

Anyway, the cathedral window quilt pattern has long been one of my favorite traditional patterns. I had planned to use the Steelers quilt to give the cathedral window a try…after all you can definitely see a resemblance to the franchise logo.

Perfect plan, right? I thought so.

There are two ‘methods’ out there in webland that I was able to find for completing the cathedral window. A method that uses a template for folding over the edges to make the ‘window’ and a method that involves sewing the ‘frame’ part of the window together in an enclosed square and turning it right side out. (I’m sure these methods have names…no idea what they are. Sorry). After searching for a while, I decided on the using-a-template-to-fold-the-edges-over method and found that this tutorial made the most sense to me. Now for the next challenge in the Saga of the Steeler Cathedral Window…size.

For my quilt design, I needed approximately 11” stars in the window (from point to point). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a conversion factor, as most instructions and tutorials for this quilt pattern allow for 2.5” windows (~3.5” from point to point) using a ~9.5” block for the ‘frame’ part of the quilt square. So I got to do math again – Pythagoras and all (yay!) and decided I would use a 22” square for my frame.

After all that calculating and measuring and ironing (I hate ironing…cw require a LOT of ironing) and some machine embroidery, too, I came up with this.

Not quite finished, but, beautiful, right? Looks perfect. And then I got to thinking…

That’s a lot of extra fabric I just used to make something that I could have just as easily pieced together…

Maybe I should take it apart…

But, I put so much work into it!

But, I will be saving $ and fabric if I take it apart…and it will look just as good right?

And so, out with the seam ripper. Bye, bye cathedral window.

Luckily, I found a great (free) curved piecing pattern for the same effect. And it was even the right size – I used the same yellow, red, and blue fabric squares that I had already cut! I couldn’t have happened upon a more perfect solution for my blunder.

And there’s my silver lining, folks. :)

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