Tuesday, March 27, 2012

black and white and yellow all over

I have a love hate relationship with our home. I think most homeowners do, right? We are frugal, so we bought a cute little townhome that was way under our limit. But we’re paying for it now…in space that is.

This is our main living space. See how cramped we are?! Big husband (not being rude here, he really is – he gets asked if he is in the marines on a regular basis), big weimeraner, and me - all three of us on that little couch (because of course the dog is way too spoiled to lie on the floor).

Anyway, we painted this room, along with our kitchen, yellow not too long ago. I thought it might brighten it up and make it a more enjoyable space. In reality, it’s just made it hard to decorate. With the tan couch (now ruined due to doggy drool), the horrid recliner that neither hubs nor I can part with and the hodge podge of other bits of furniture in this room, it’s impossible to make it look ‘pretty’.

I did make an attempt, though. My idea was to have yellow, white and hints of black in this room (that will never happen), so that is why I bought this fabric. Really, hubs picked it out. I’m not sure what I would have gone with if I’d have had free reign, but it probably wouldn’t have been this.

Either way, I’ve finally started putting together the curtains. I did my own version of a ‘tab-top’ curtain, which I’ve decided is my favorite type of curtain. I haven’t tried making curtains with grommets – I think that will be my next domestic sewing project (for our master bathroom).

Hopefully, these are not making the tiny space even busier…I have a feeling with the three of us in there, it’s busy already!

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