Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a proper post

A while back I posted about an awesome find we came across on our visit to Alaska a couple summers ago.  The cold weather has encouraged me do dig through all of my knitted things, and in doing so, I re-discovered one of my favorite hats!  Unfortunately, I only briefly posted about this knitting project after I completed it, so, I thought I would go back and give it a proper post. 

The Qiviut Co-op is an organization that uses the super soft underwool from the Arctic musk ox.  The wool comes from local farms and is shed naturally from the animal each spring.  It is super-duper warm.  (Are you enjoying my excessive use of the word 'super' yet?  I'll throw it in a few more times just in case).  The fibers are spun into yarn and distributed to Native Alaskans from villages all over Alaska who hand knit the items for sale in the shop.  Each of the villages have distinct patterns and there are often stories to each of the patterns.  Did I mention that the yarn is super cozy, too?  (See, there it is again :).

So, after all of this swooning, you can probably guess that I just had to purchase something.

I bought two skeins and made both myself and the hubs a hat.  Here is mine.

And a close up of the pattern.

I also purchased this lovely snowflake headband. It's super warm, and cozy, and I just love it!

If you are lucky enough to make it to Anchorage, AK, definitely stop by the Oomingmak Musk Ox Co-op.  Or visit their website.  Definitely work the $ !!

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