Thursday, January 19, 2012

okay, here's the plan...

A few posts back I listed some of my goals for this year, and some of the challenges I would be facing. Part of that list of goals was to make lists of things I want to accomplish in each 'compartment' of my life. (And, FYI, this post is mainly just for me, but putting it online like this keeps my chaotic mind from losing track of it, as I inevitably would if it was written on a piece of paper).

1. & 2. HOME & PERSONAL LIFE. I will be keeping most of my goals here private - but, I know I do want to be more organized at home and spend more QT with the husband and the pup. This means two nights a week of just spending time with them. No crafting. No blogging. No internet surfing. Just QT. Some ideas of QT with the hubby are:

- taking more walks (we don't take enough)
- try a new recipe every week and cook together
- tackle some simple home improvement projects together
- visit the national parks in DC (can't believe we haven't done this yet!)

I also need to spend time on my other relationships - and that really means picking up the phone and calling people more. And scheduling some happy hours ;)

3. WORK/PROFESSIONAL LIFE I am still considered 'new' at my current job. I had set some small and large goals for this year at work and plan on accomplishing them (*fingers crossed*). I also have some other goals that do not apply directly to work, but do apply to my professional life.

- Learn enough sign language to carry on a basic (brief) conversation.
- Get a certification. - DEADLINE - August
- Brush up on some of topics that I feel I am technically weak in. Pick a new topic every other week to become familiar with. (In preparation for the 'big' certification).
- Practice my music (okay - I'm sure this one doesn't make sense to anyone else, but it does me).
- Achieve my fitness level goal

4. CREATIVE LIFE Of course, this is where most of the details lay. I've also compartmentalized this section :)

Home Projects - There are endless home projects that I would like to tackle this year, but I will limit myself here to the following projects.

- Finish curtains for the baby's room, kitchen and master bath. I have ideas for all of these, but fabric for only the kitchen. Looks like kitchen is up first!
- Cover/upholster our old ratty guest-bedroom bed frame.
- Find a picture for the guestroom. I am leaning towards this one with the colors tweaked a little, maybe. - Install shelving and organize my new craft room.
 - Make/buy baskets/drawers for the Ikea hacked baby's closet organizer. Could use this basket tutorial, or maybe this one. Or I could buy something like this.
- Hang our Alaska pictures. (Yeah, it has been almost two years, so what)?
- Try my hand at making a shower curtain.
- Hot pads - as we continue to work on updating our kitchen (a looong process), I would like to include some little handmade things, especially some potholders. Some like this and this would definitely work.
- Put up a quilt top layout wall. Don't know where this is going to go, or what the hubs will say about it, but...
- Black, white and yellow quilt for the guestroom
Gifts - We'll start with gifts for the neices, since they are the ones I make things for most frequently.

- Tinkerbell, Hop-scotch pad (April)
- Slippers
- Aprons
- a shower curtain to decorate their newly renovated bathroom. (Have to consult the sis-in-law on this one first)! - Steelers twirl skirts with yarn pom poms
- And a car organizer, one for each girly.

Some other gifts for other little ones

- Fabric toy ring
- Little 'Duke' Blue Devil Sweatshirt
- Picture fabric toy book

Other Christmas Gifts

- Steelers quilt. I have a plan for this, but it's certainly going to be trial and error. I am going to use the fabric I designed at Spoonflower for the backing and incorporate the current Superbowl wins on the front. Hubby has had his nose in this project since the start. I love it when he helps ;). This also may be my first experience with hand-quilting.
- Country quilt. This is for a dear friend and I can't wait to finish it. It may end up being a Labor Day present...or even Independence Day, who knows!
- Hubs t-shirt quilt.

Challenges and Stuff for Me Some of these may overlap, but this is a list of new things in crafting that I want to try this year. Plus, I haven't really made myself anything. So I am going to give that a try!

- Dresden - I really think this pattern is so beautiful, and I can't wait to try one!
- Test different transfer methods
- Try a few knit projects. I have yet to sew with a knit...but we're going to give it a go.
- Start on a Mountaineer quilt. This will be a super-challenge, and I am not sure I am ready, but I have an idea for a Mountaineer quilt that rocks my own little craft world and I can't wait to test it out!

Hmm...think that's enough? I may be stretching the 'Limit Myself' goal. We'll see. At any rate, I am beyond excited to get to work!!!

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