Sunday, October 30, 2011

busy october

Without a doubt, October is my all time favorite month. It has my favorite holiday, my wedding anniversary, fall foliage that never disappoints, pumpkin coffee, pie, muffins, cookies (anything with pumpkin), and it's the beginning of sweater season (I love the cold!). Unfortunately, I have not be able to enjoy most of it. I started the month with a new job (yay!). However, that new job required two very strenuous weeks of 16 hour-a-day training sessions. By the time I was finished with the training, all the leaves had changed an many of them had already fallen. Boo! And now, there is snow on the October. Hm. And this past week, I have barely had time to catch up from being away for over two weeks and our house is a DISASTER. Anyway, I did have a chance to throw together some trick-or-treat bags for some friends of ours, Hope and Ben. I hope they enjoy them and have a wonderful night of Trick-or-Treating!

Happy Halloween!

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