Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new curtains! (again...)

Hubs and I have been spending several weekends painting some of the smaller rooms in our house. One of those rooms was our guestroom. I had made some curtains with a fabulous Amy Butler fabric. But, as our luck goes, the curtains looked just wretched (and, no, I am not exagerating) once the walls were painted. Unfortunately, walls can't be un-painted and the damage was done. Down came the curtains :(

...but, there is always a silver lining, right?

So, I went fabric shopping again and tried my hand at curtain making a second time...

I am pretty darn happy with the way these came out - much happier, in fact, than I was with the old ones. I used a bit of the same fabric from the curtains to cover the cushion on the sit in window, as well. And I had to get the yellow in there somewhere - throw pillows come in so handy for that! And I've been just obsessed with chevron patterns lately.

Another project completed! Unless, of course, I find some irresistable fabric to turn into another throw pillow. And, against my best attempts to thwart this habit, the pup has found a new sleeping spot. Glad I could make it so comfortable for him, huh?

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