Friday, August 19, 2011

mediterranean quilt finished

I posted about this a while back. I finished the binding a while back also, but finally got pictures. I didn't allow for enough space in the corners for the binding...lesson learned.

All the fabric is from JoAnns. I absolutely fell in love with the Mediterranean packs they have and this was an easy quilt top to put together.

The backing is also from JoAnns. Another fabric I love.

This was also my first attempt at free motion quilting. I learned several things:

1. Take breaks - it's hard on your wrists!
2. Use the biggest surface area you can find so that moving the quilt around is easier.
3. It takes up a lot of thread!
4. This is a pretty quick and (once you get the hang of the pedal speed and how quickly to move the fabric) easy quilting method.

The more I immerse myself into the world of quilting - the more I find I absolutely love it. I also find it feeds my fabric addiction quite well. This could be very bad...

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