Monday, August 1, 2011

haaaappy anniversary... okay so I'm a little early...

Remember this post about my attempt at a Halloween quilt? Well, I've finished it! The quilting, at least; it still needs binding. And it's a little early for an anniversary gift for the hubs, but oh well. Here it is!

The quilt design comes from the All You Ever Wanted to Know About Quilting class at Capital Quilts. Here are a couple favorites out of the sampler blocks. The fabrics were Jason Yenter - Hallowgraphix.

It just so happened that the fabric I fell in love with for the back of the quilt (Owl By Myself by Michael Miller) was not wide enough for the quilt backing, so I got creative...sort of.

This was WAY above my skill level as a quilter. I tried to design my own paper piecing pattern for this at first...and gave up, quickly. Instead, I just tried my darndest to get everything to lay as flat as possible, while still (at least) resembling a tree. I think it turned out okay, aside from the few pinches - it looks pretty good. Now...on to the next project! ...whatever that may be!

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