Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shattered in Memories

Ugh, so I've had a rough start to the week. After a great birthday weekend, we arrived home exhausted, and unfortunately, while we were unloading and unpacking from our weekend getaway, I managed to break a large piece of glass we were storing for a friend. It was everywhere. Luckily it was safety glass, so it was fairly easy to clean up, and I managed to turn my clumsy moment into an art project. Check it out!

I've wanted to try this with tempered glass since I saw a piece break years ago. I just mod podged the photo and stuck it on the glass. I used contact paper on the other side of the glass for safety reasons. It's a bit frosty but I think it worked. Now I've just got to find myself a frame and cut some of the glass so the project fits in the frame! Yay!

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