Monday, April 25, 2011

Trees of a Different Flower

Every April, hoards of people visit the District to view the cherry blossoms in bloom along the tidal basin. It really is a beautiful and amazing sight if you've never seen it. On a recent trip to the grounds around the Capitol, I noticed a lot of other, beautifully pink flowering trees that weren't Cherry Trees.

Dogwoods are scattered all over the Capitol grounds, bloom a little later, and a little longer than the Cherries, and are absolutely stunningly beautiful. We have one in our front yard, and I'm seriously considering planting more. The dark, rich color of the bark with the deep pink petals is just amazing. So, next year, if you visit DC for the Cherry Blossom festival, take a stroll up towards the Capitol and check out the other landscaping. They really do an amazing job.

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