Tuesday, June 28, 2011

living up to a legacy

Poster for Bob (grampa) at his retirement. Shouldn't we all have our own 'Appreciation Days'?

Grampa So my grandpa was a pretty cool guy. (Okay, so he shares a name with a once MIA veteran, but don't get them confused!) He held a patent for development of the color TV. Something most of us use EVERYDAY. I remember his 'tinker room' where he had electronics and circuit boards from floor to ceiling, and, any time he would fix something at a neigbors - TV, stove, car, lawn mowing, etc (he was very handy), he would do it for absolutely nothing, and with a warm heart. But, sometimes neighbors would repay him with whatever they could give. (I believe this is how we procured a great Italian Family Recipe for meatballs). He was also a pilot. Not only a pilot, a search and rescue pilot for the county he lived in. And he owned a little Cessna. He also gave the best raspberries ever. I would laugh for ages. So I wonder, how could someone accomplish so much (related to me) and I feel like I’ve barely started my life. Gosh, I better get moving! Regardless of the present, it's nice to look back on the past, and appreciate that this great man was able to influence my life. To my grandfather - I love and miss you, and I wish, so very much, that we could have spent more time together.

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