Friday, October 29, 2010

31 Days of Hallowedding Inspiration #29: Fun'n'Stuff

Okay, so you're having a Halloween wedding, you've got to add a little fun to it! Here are some ideas that may add to your wedding day festivities.

Idea #1: Photo wall

This idea comes from Kiss the Groom and would be extra fabulous if it was spooked up a bit!

I'm thinking black and white wallpaper, maybe damask with some creepy Victorian frames, photos with glowing eyes, and a thirteen hour clock. Maybe some nice family wedding photos, too.

Idea #2: Caricature Artist

We had a caricaturist which provided the 'favors' for our wedding guests. It turned out to be a huge hit, and I would definitely suggest it!

Idea #3: Tarot Card Readings or Fortune Teller

Idea #4: Vampire Blackjack Dealer

Okay, so I couldn't actually find a picture of this, but you get the idea.

Idea #5: Cool Photography

So, my genius photographer, Erina, came up with these photos. I didn't have her do any like this for our wedding...but I wish I would have! See her Etsy page.

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