Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Gocco Attempt!!!

I've been DYING to use my gocco and I finally had a reason to break it out this weekend. My friend is getting married in a couple weeks and she has an old school popcorn maker that she is bringing to make and serve popcorn at the reception. So I made some bags for the popcorn. Here they are - far from perfect, but I think they look okay!

I had some trouble with the screen bleeding, and I'm not sure why (top of the bag). I will have to troubleshoot when I get some time and see if I can figure out the source. I also removed the cushion liner that you are supposed to put behind the seemed to make a fuzzier picture. Not real sure why that happened either. I made 100 of these bags (about 5x9 inches) and it used almost a whole tube of paint. I may have used too much paint, though. I also had trouble keeping the paint even, and had some blank spots here and there. Despite all of the hurdles, I think the first gocco round went well. Now I need another project!

You can download the file for the popcorn bags here:Chelsea and Ryan Wedding Popcorn

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