Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Scavengers Part I: Mod Podge

My husband and I are obsessive scavengers any time we go near a beach. (Yes, we waste our precious beach time hunched over, digging through the sand, getting sunburned on our's sad). We mainly collect beach glass, but we'll get shells, too if they are nice. So, after hitting a beach glass GOLD MINE in Puerto Rico, and lugging home about 15 pounds of smoothed beach glass & seashells, I decided we had to do something with this stuff instead of just letting it sit around. I started with this:
sand,mod podge
I just used a blank frame and glued (Mod Podge) on the sand. I used store bought sand for this project. You can use beach sand, just make sure you sift all of the larger stones and other debris that may be present. After that dried, I covered the sand with another layer of Mod Podge. I then pressed the shells into the sand, and used a toothpick to write/scratch 'Puerto Rico' at the bottom.

You can also use this same idea with a candle and beach glass by layering sand + glue and pressing glass pieces into the sand so they are touching the candle. This way, the light comes through the colored glass and creates a really cool effect.

Beach Glass Beach Glass

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